Thanks for taking some time to check out our testimonial page, we have so many positive reviews it is impossible to put them all here, so this is just a small selection.

If its not to boastful, perhaps our most important testimonial is that we have over 250 children voluntarily attending Team Black Belt classes every week, and this has been the case for the last 18 years in Solihull.

We invite any parent who wishes to come in and 'check us out', with or without their children, to pop in anytime our classes are running.

My son is a massive super hero fan, but needed to focus his energy and desire to fight in a more productive way. Sensei Mike and his team teach the kids respect, discipline and how to defend themselves, not attack. My kids love their karate lessons and truly understand about respecting authority, listening, committing fully and also the principles of keeping fit and healthy through movement!

Sarah RL

Both my son and Daughter attend Team Black Belt, what a wonderful place this is to grow their confidence,

I can't speak highly enough of the warm and welcoming environment here at Team Black Belt, its a clean safe environment for the them to learn self defence and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Tony P

My son joined as soon as he turned 5, 3 and a half years on he still loves it! Team Black Belt are an amazing group, patient and understanding and truly helping the kids to become better versions of themselves, cannot recommend highly enough.

Vicky J

Team Black Belt is fantastic fun for all ages, not only is it a good activity for the building strength and self confidence, Mike and his team are super supportive and great with the kids. Highly recommended!!

Paul P