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Welcome to Team Black Belt’s Adult Karate Classes!

Whether you’re a parent of an existing Team Black Belt student looking to get involved in the same activities as your child, or just an Adult looking for a friendly non-ego driven martial arts class to improve your fitness and learn self-defence, our classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels and abilities.

We appreciate that starting a new fitness routine can be daunting, especially with the responsibilities of work and family. That's why our adult classes focus on creating a no-pressure environment where you can progress at your own pace. Our supportive instructors are skilled in adapting to various fitness levels, ensuring that each class meets your needs.

In our Adult karate classes, you'll learn more than just martial arts techniques. You'll gain improved flexibility, better overall fitness, and increased mental wellbeing, all of which can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, the skills you develop in self-defence can provide peace of mind knowing you are capable of protecting yourself and your loved ones if necessary.

Our Adult classes have a good gender mix with a wide range of ages in them, and our students are a friendly, supportive bunch – even meeting up for the occasional meal out.

Adults classes run Tuesdays & Thursdays; 8.35pm - 9.30pm

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