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Our Fun and Friendly Karate Classes for Children aged 3 years and above, help them to gain Confidence and Self-belief.

Each class is carefully divided by age to ensure the teaching is just right for each student, leading to maximum enjoyment and the best chance to achieve their goals.

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Confidence Discipline Defence

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Unit 7, Olton Wharf

Richmond Rd,

Olton, Solihull

B92 7RN

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Why Choose

Team Black Belt?

Our Passion - Shaping futures Through Martial Arts.

At Team Black Belt, our passion goes beyond teaching martial arts – it's about making a lasting impact on the lives of our students. We believe in the transformative power of martial arts, not just as a physical discipline but as a tool for personal growth and development.

Empowering Every Child

We're dedicated to empowering every young individual who steps into our dojo. Martial arts is a fantastic way for children to build confidence, learn respect, and develop discipline. These are skills that extend far beyond the mats – they're life lessons that shape our students into confident, responsible, and resilient individuals.

A Supportive Environment

We've cultivated more than just a training centre; we've built a community. A place where children feel safe to express themselves, challenge their limits, and celebrate their achievements. Our dojo is a space where friendships are formed, respect is nurtured, and every child feels valued and supported.

Instilling Life-Long Values

At the heart of our culture are the values of respect, honesty, perseverance, and kindness. We instill these values in our students through every lesson. Our aim is to not only develop skilled martial artists but to nurture well-rounded individuals who carry these values into their everyday lives.

Celebrating Every Achievement

We take pride in celebrating every milestone, big or small. Whether it’s mastering a new move, breaking through barriers, or moving up a belt, every achievement is a step towards greater self-belief and resilience.

Team Black Belt - helping to shape your child's future.

Team Black Belt

Unit 7, The Wharf

Richmond Rd

Olton, Solihull

West Midlands

B92 7RN

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