Our Guiding Mission

Our guiding principles are:-

That we will positively affect the lives of children, both Physically and Mentally, by raising their Self-esteem and Inspiring their Self-confidence to Soar.

We will Support, Boost, Champion, Encourage, Motivate and Inspire them to reach their Full Potential.

This is to be achieved by engaging with them through Martial Arts Activities and the use of Personal Safety programmes and Personal Development tools, in a Welcoming, Warm, Safe, Positive and Professional Environment and Structure.

Our Fun and Friendly karate classes for children aged 3 yrs and up, help them to gain confidence and self-belief, along with physical fitness and self-defence skills.

Team Black Belt

Unit 7, The Wharf

Richmond Rd

Olton, Solihull

West Midlands

B92 7RN

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