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Karate Kids 3 classes

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11yrs to 13yrs

Team Black Belt’s Karate Kids 3 programme is specifically designed for children aged 11 to 13yrs. As children approach their teenage years the challenges they face become more complex, and the ability to protect themselves and understand situational awareness becomes increasingly important.

Our programme teaches practical self-defence skills that empower students, boost their confidence and ensure they feel secure in their ability to handle adverse situations. Alongside sophisticated karate techniques and self-defence strategies, our Karate Kids 3 classes not only enhance physical abilities but also cultivate a disciplined mindset and resilient spirit - essential traits for personal and academic success.

Students will experience the satisfaction of advancing through our belt system, where each new belt is a milestone of their hard work, discipline, and dedication. This grading system reinforces the values of goal setting and achievement, highlighting the importance of effort and perseverance. Enrol your child in our Karate Kids 3 programme and watch them transform into disciplined, confident and self-assured young individuals, ready to face the world with strength and integrity.

Karate Kids 3 classes run Tuesdays & Thursdays; 7.40pm - 8.25pm

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What Parents Say

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